You don’t have to be Julia Childs

If there is one very important thing that living in France has taught me, it’s the love of food & quality over quantity. We have so much choice !

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When I moved to France, my boyfriend (husband now) used to do all the cooking. Food was very important in his family, like in many French families, and everyone grew up learning to cook and loving it. Moving to France out of college, my culinary skills at that age were very limited. We still joke to this day, that if it were my turn to cook, I would call Pizza Hut. Yes, that was my idea of “cooking”.

Things have changed significantly in 20 years !


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I first started cooking when my kids were young and my husband was travelling for work. Their day care person at that time fed them potatoes or pasta everyday, so if I wanted them to have some daily nutrients, I needed to learn to feed them correctly.

I learned very quickly that cooking a vegetable (broccoli, zucchini…) actually takes the same amount of time as cooking rice or pasta.

So over the years I have experimented, innovated, followed recipes….From websites, magazines, blogs, cookbooks… all you need to do is try. It wasn’t always a success, but it added variety, taught me how to cook a ton of different meats, fish and vegetables, and most of all, taught me how to make a meal. Roasted veggies, fish, rice… too good.

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Thank you France for this wonderful cooking culture !


Do you cook ? How did you learn ?





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  1. Cara Littlefield January 12, 2014 at 12:34 am Reply

    Your husband was not impressed by the bagel pizzas you learned to cook at my house when we were kids?

    Learning to cook for me, besides bagel pizzas, that is, was a largely experimental process. You are right. You just have to try. Since I’m the primary cook in this house now, I’ve been focusing a lot on trying to get healthy food on the table in a relatively short period of time. I’m trying to shift that a little now, and enjoy the process of preparation and cooking more, and not worry too much about how long it takes. Winter in New England is a great time to spend time in the kitchen.

    • Karen - French Inspiration January 12, 2014 at 7:07 am Reply

      Loved bagel pizzas with you. If you have recipes that your daughter loves, please share! Kids are still kind of picky.

  2. Mom January 12, 2014 at 1:17 am Reply

    Love the post. The photos are really great too. Hope the girls are enjoying your new offerings…

    • Karen - French Inspiration January 12, 2014 at 6:59 am Reply

      Thanks! Not always successful in getting the kids to like but at least they try new things!

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