WIAW – weekend version

Thought I would also jump on the bandwagon of WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday). However, what I eat on Wednesday is a lot less interesting than what I eat the weekends.

Breakfast is pretty much the same every day of the week. On Wednesday I eat at my company’s cafeteria and in the evening its usually leftovers, so I figured a weekend version would be more suitable…

So here goes…. Coconut flour pancakes with almond butter and half a banana. Two big cups of coffee. I LOVE coconut flour pancakes. This holds me over until lunch.

2014-01-11 07.22.55


Lunch was roasted veggies, Brussel sprouts, cod and shrimp. Followed by a couple pieces of hard cheese (Emmental and Gouda with cumin).



This weekend was a big weekend for the Epiphany cake in France.  Before and after photos.


Afternoon snack : half a banana, plain yogurt and some coconut and flaxseed.


In the evening we had crepes. One crepe with ham, cheese and roasted veggies. One with chocolate and ice-cream.




Roasted veggies was the highlight of my (food) day, as well as fresh Brussel sprouts, which I learned to cook. I usually buy frozen. Yummy weekend.

Thanks to peas & crayons for the initiative !!




What meal are you loving lately ?


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  1. Mom January 14, 2014 at 12:40 am Reply

    Please post the recipe for coconut pancakes. They look great.

  2. Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork January 18, 2014 at 9:39 pm Reply

    I second the request for the pancake recipe! I’m gluten intolerant, so I’m always looking for a good GF recipe!

  3. Karen - French Inspiration January 18, 2014 at 9:50 pm Reply

    Most of my pancake recipes are some kind of variant from Tina on carrotsncake.com. All have a variant of coconut flour or almond flour, eggs, pumpkin, banana. She has a great recipe page. Thanks for asking !

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