WIAW – Staycation edition

Happy Hump Day everyone ! How has your week been so far ? I am on vacation, and having a fabulous time relaxing, exercising and taking advantage of my family.


I thought it was thus a good opportunity for a WIAW post.


I was in the mood for pancakes this morning, so made a big batch when I got up. Two coconut flour pancakes, with almond butter and half a banana, hold me over for hours.

2014-04-23 08.10.11


I spent some time reading on my balcony, taking advantage of the fantastic weather, with a big cup of coffee.

2014-04-23 10.40.26


For lunch, left over mustard chicken and Brussel Sprouts from last night, and I had a ripe avocado, so I made some guacamole. I also had a yogurt, but forgot to take a picture.

2014-04-23 13.54.01



We left immediately after lunch to run some errands and I hadn’t had time to have coffee, so I picked up a cappuccino at McDonald’s. It was 2.40 Euros. They offered a cookie for an additional 10 cents, so I got it and my girls and their friend split it. It was indeed big enough for several people.

2014-04-23 15.16.43


We are going away tomorrow for a few days. I hate wasting food, so I wanted to clean out the fridge and freezer. So I ate a bunch of very random things.

Lebanese appetizers (beef, cheese and chick pea) before dinner :

2014-04-23 19.35.47


Dinner was a plate full of everything that was leftover in the fridge and freezer (guac, roasted peppers, chili, zucchini noodles), with a nice glass of Chardonnay. The picture of the food is not very appetizing, but it was still yummy :

2014-04-23 19.53.25

2014-04-23 19.39.00













I did have some ice cream for dessert but forgot to take a picture.

We are going to visit some family in the Loire region tomorrow. We are planning to go to the  Beauval Zoo, very well known for their pandas, and I have a race Sunday with my brother in law at Azay Le Rideau. There is a marathon but we are running an 11K. It is very small, only 100 people signed up for the 11K and 200 for the marathon, but sometimes races like that are nice. Less pressure and I can take advantage of the sceneray.



Its been a great week so far and I am looking forward to continued family time for the next few days. Hope the rest of your week is great !

Do you like zoos ? What animal do you like ? Any that you dislike ?

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  1. Marnie April 24, 2014 at 8:31 pm Reply

    Love your eats, looks like you and the family eat really healthily! I need to get on the coconut flour pancake bandwagon! I don’t think you are a Paleo eater, but a lot of your meals seemed very Paleo-like.

    I love the San Diego zoo and the Denver zoo (where I live now) isn’t half bad.

    • Karen - French Inspiration April 27, 2014 at 9:30 pm Reply

      Coconut flour pnkcakes are yummy but you really need to get used to the texture. My daughter ate them once ‘by accident’ and spit them out because of the consistency. I don’t make an effort to specifically eat Paleo, just whole foods and lots of fruits and veggies 80% of the time.

  2. Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork April 26, 2014 at 9:19 pm Reply

    I still feel quite conflicted about zoos. I think they’re important for educating the masses and important for rescuing animals, but do they really belong in cages? I just don’t know.
    Hope your race went well! Small races can be so nice! I’m not a big fan of huge crowds, so the smaller the better sometimes. Though the nice part of a big race is having so much enthusiasm and energy surrounding you.
    I loved the Loire Valley when I visited many many years ago. Enjoy the time with your family and hope the foot’s doing well!

    • Karen - French Inspiration April 27, 2014 at 9:25 pm Reply

      I fully understand your point about zoos. I think a lot of them have now made a huge effort to recreate natural habitats, but unfortunately, not all. The small race with few people was very nice. Less competitive and more fun.

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