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Wow, Sunday evening already ! Very busy week, more than usual. As I took Monday off, I needed to fit five days of work into four. We are also redoing our kitchen, so a lot of organization, coordinating and planning in my life at the moment.

I didn’t eat as well as I would have liked. Travel, quirky schedule, workshops and turning the kitchen upside down didn’t help. But I pretty much got in the exercise I wanted to.


Monday : skiing

Tuesday / Wednesday : off

Thursday : 35 minute Tabata workout at home

Friday : 45 minute aqaugym class

Saturday : 35 minute weights for upper body / abdominals

Sunday : 50 minute run


Today’s run was great. It was spring like out. Green grass, blue sky, tons of people – I had to dodge and avoid many of them, almost like a race, literally. I ran later (around 11 a.m.) than I usually do. So the later time plus the fantastic weather means lots of people !


20140202_103958 20140202_105908 20140202_110231 20140202_112300






Before running I always warm up. I have had shin splints and some knee / foot issues so I make a big effort to warm up correctly. 5-10 minute dynamic warm up before leaving the house then 5– 10 minute walk before I start running.  I am usually pretty good about stretching after my runs but not after other workouts.


The Tabata workout from Thursday did a job on my calf muscles. I probably didn’t stretch as much as I should have, then I jumped around like crazy in the pool on Friday, then I ran today… so I figured some foam rolling would do me good.





Well, it proved challenging. My cat is a lap cat, and as soon as I sat on the floor he came over to rub up against me, then sit on my lap. Too cute. The foam roll was not too effective  though because I could hardly move.




I spent the afternoon painting. We are redoing the kitchen and I needed to do the walls before they tile the floor. I love looking at all the options and always have a very hard time deciding. I wanted something off white but of course there are literally 30 different off whites… so I decided on an off white with a beige tint. We were very efficient today, and did both the walls (second coat of primer + first coat of paint) and the ceiling (first coat of paint). Still need to do another coat on both the ceiling and the walls but it looks great already.

IMG_8309 20140202_161125












Happy Super Bowl Sunday to my American friends !


Do you find it easy to pick out paint ? Do you like painting ? How was your weekend ?

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  1. Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork February 4, 2014 at 1:14 am Reply

    Your cat is too funny! Picking out paint is quite hard. You never really know how it’s going to look. We just painted our kitchen a few weeks ago. It’s “grellow” (green with a yellow-ish hue). It’s the brightest color in our house, but our kitchen needed to be brightened!

    • Karen - French Inspiration February 4, 2014 at 7:36 am Reply

      Amazing what a coat of paint can do. I often agonise over the choice. This time I choose in about 5 minutes. I am sure the result will be just as nice as if I had spent an hour deciding.

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