Vacation week 3 – Biarritz and Espelette

Well, it was back to work today ! Can not believe that its August already. Three weeks was wonderful ! Here are recaps from week 1  and  week 2, and hereafter part of week 3. We spent it exploring.

We left the resort on Saturday, and spent the day in Biarritz and St. Jean de Luz. These are on the Western Atlantic coast, near Spain, in Basque country. I had never been and loved it.

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On Saturday we took a old wooden train into the Pyrenees, up to La Rhune mountain. Great views despite a few clouds that rolled in and out. There were many wild ponies, called Pottok. They must be used to seeing people because we could easily pet them.

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We then went to visit the town of Espelette, where they make a spice of the same name, a variety of Chili pepper. It was fascinating because it grows on plants, a bit like a tomato plant or a grapevine. I took pictures but the fields were too far from the road to be able to see it well. If you look really close at the second picture you can see it hanging.  It is also dried and used decoratively on the front of buildings.

2014-07-27 15.52.35 2014-07-27 16.33.06 2014-07-27 16.12.14


I had never been this region and we really enjoyed ourselves. I didn’t take any pictures of the food in the restaurants, but there are many local specialties, notably Veal Axoa that uses shredded veal and Espelette!

We then headed off to my mother in laws from Monday to Sunday… more to follow in another post !

Do you like Chili pepper ? Did you know how it grew ?

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