Vacation week 2 : Fitness and food

Wow, Saturday already and two weeks of vacation gone. We had again great weather and I got my exercise in daily. It felt so great to do something several days in a row. A luxury I don’t have during the rest of the year….

  • Saturday : 6 km leisurely walk with my girls
  • Sunday : 6,5 km walk / run
  • Monday : LesMills CXWORX & Body Balanace, Zumba
  • Tuesday : 7K walk / run, Zumba
  • Wednesday : LesMills BodyBalance, Zumba
  • Thursday : 6,5 km run
  • Friday : LesMills BodyBalance, Zumba

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Plus, I walked at least 3 to 5 km everyday, to the beach, to get a newspaper, after dinner.. it was a great way to spend time with my husband (who is still silly after all these years ….)

2014-07-22 10.50.54 2014-07-24 21.22.08











2014-07-24 21.24.51 2014-07-24 21.25.08


Food this past week was not very exciting. As we had a small kitchen and couldn’t cook much, we did a lot of salads, mostly garbage salads… everyone makes what they want. No pictures because none of them were very appetizing.


We are now off a couple days to visit Bayonne and Biarritz for the weekend.


What is on your agenda this weekend ? Do you like garbage salads ?


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