Typical Saturday morning

I LOVE Saturdays. Especially Saturday mornings. I am a morning person, and my family is not. This means I get the whole house to myself for at least two hours before anyone gets up. Reading the paper on line, having two big cups of coffee, connecting with my friends and family in the US through Facebook…. Things I actually have time for and do not need to rush when its Saturday.

Breakfast is a very important part of every day, and Saturday is no different. Coconut flour pancakes or fresh bread, almond or peanut butter, fruit and yogurt.

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Two other major events on Saturday : my workout and the farmer’s market. Depending on the weather I will either run or go to the gym. Or both if I am feeling motivated. The Paris firemen often run where I do on Saturdays, and running behind them is extra motivation !


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The farmer’s market is in my town on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We stock up on fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

Having lots of fruits and veggies in the house helps me make healthy choices all week. The farmer’s market is a major part of French culture, and I am glad that I will be able to take advantage of this for a long time.

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I absolutely love my Saturday mornings. Taking time for myself, exercise and the farmer’s market… makes Saturdays great.


What is your Saturday morning ritual like ? Do you have a farmer’s market where you live ?


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  1. Tammi January 5, 2014 at 10:42 pm Reply

    This is one reason I hate Maine winters….during the summer and into mid-November going to the farmer’s market on Saturday’s is part of my routine. My friend and I will grab a coffee at the local coffee shop and stroll through the market for our weeks worth of vegetables, eggs and fresh flowers. My Saturday mornings are now replaced with hockey games! I typically work out M-F so Saturday is my morning off from working out.

    • Karen - French Inspiration January 6, 2014 at 8:56 pm Reply

      Hi Tammi ! My gym in France opens at 9, so I can not work out in the morning… unless it is at home. Thinking of all you of with all the snow and ice.

  2. Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork January 18, 2014 at 9:33 pm Reply

    I am the same way–I love my Saturday mornings! Since my poor husband doesn’t sleep very well during the week, he usually gets up a couple of hours after me. So I get to chill out by myself with my French press coffee. It’s heaven!

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