Time flies

Hello everyone ! Almost Friday already, can not believe how fast time flies. I was not very regular in posting this week because my schedule was off. My mom is here from the US and we have been busy ! So here is a retrospective of our past week, a bit of a photo dump.

This is how I remember where I parked when I went to the airport :

2014-08-14 06.34.35


We took the kids to McDonald’s. I hadn’t been in ages. In France they are putting kiosks into place so you order through that, then pick up your food.

2014-08-15 13.10.06 2014-08-15 13.17.58












We worked outside at our country home. The yard needed ALOT of work. My mother loves to work outside and it was not too hot so we got a lot done.

2014-08-15 17.18.29



We went for several walks and for some reason there were a ton of cows out.

Cow pictures can be so much fun.

2014-08-18 15.33.14 2014-08-18 15.32.58

I love how the countryside changes from season to season. Usually this time of year things are dry, but Normandy has had so much rain, there is still green grass and bright flowers.

2014-08-18 12.25.06

2014-08-15 17.27.09

I have to work this week, but our evenings are filled with the card game Wizard. We love it.

2014-08-21 22.47.35

My mother is very active so we got in several power walks in Normandy and back in the city. Not sure what the weekend will be like. We’ll play it by ear !

How do you remember where you parked your car ? How was your week ?

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