This week’s workouts

Good morning Sunday ! How is your weekend going so far ? We are still having fabulous summer weather here in France. It has been a true summer… something we haven’t had in many years. A little overcast this morning, but perfect for a run.

I was happy with the exercise I did this week, considering we had a public holiday and had gone away, I was out one evening, and I travelled one day.


Sunday : long 2 hour run, very slow and steady in Normandy. Perfect running weather, and I felt really great.

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Monday : rest / recovery

Tuesday : I took advantage of still being in Normandy and did hill repeats, as Paris is pretty flat. 60 minutes between warm up / repeats / cool down. My husband tried to take some action shots but they all looked totally weird. Look at that hair ! So does that heel strike, hmmm.


I did stretch quite a bit afterwards (look how dry the lawn is, it has been so hot = that summer weather I was mentioning).



Wednesday I went out to dinner with friends, so no exercise. But got to see the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower:

Thursday : I couldn’t sleep … got up early and ran. It was so bizarre to be running outside during the week, rather than on the treadmill. As most of my outside runs are on the weekends, the sights, sounds & people are completely different mid week.


Friday : rest

Saturday : I really wanted to run but am being very careful of not overtraining. So instead, I walked 3 km and went to the gym to lift weights and do ab work. A great way to start the day !





And then we went to Ikea and had to lug these boxes which weighed a ton off the shelves, to the car then out of the car and into the apartment. Lots of lifting with my husband. I think all that lifting & lugging definitely counts as a workout !


Did you feel good about your workouts this past week ?

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