The positive side of no kitchen stove

This week has been a bit crazy. We are redoing our kitchen. It has been gutted, painted (but not finished), retiled (but not finished) and the cabinets and appliances need to be installed. This started last Saturday and will go on for at least another week.

I am very lucky to be getting a new kitchen even if it has completely thrown off my eating habits and my body is not appreciating it much. Slowly but surely. Here is the old kitchen :


2014-02-01 10.29.15


Old and new tile :

IMG_7976 IMG_9719


However, let’s look at the bright side of the situation :

  • You can actually do a lot in a microwave : heat up vegetables (canned lentils, canned green beans), soup, frozen fish (cooks up in 2 minutes), scrambled eggs


2014-02-02 20.12.39 2014-02-05 21.09.58












  • IMG_3897


  • It’s a great excuse to “eat what you want” : one night I had bread & cheese, some ham & cucumbers, grated carrots, ice cream
  • You discover new dishes : I rarely buy frozen meals (lasagna, shepherd’s pie) but I’ve eaten these twice this week. Even though I won’t make it a daily habit, I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Canned veggies are really good and there is a lot of choice
  • We have discovered some new restaurants in our town
  • You save time in food prep and cooking.
  • You don’t have to do dishes (you get to use paper plates)
  • You can discover things that you’d forgotten about in your cabinets : peanut butter !


2014-02-06 07.07.44



… and yes, I am getting a new kitchen.

We still have one more week and then I will have mastered cooking in the microwave will be able to review all the restaurants in my town !


What do you like to cook in the microwave ? What have you discovered in your cabinets that you had forgotten you had ? Could you live without a stove and stove top ?




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  1. Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork February 8, 2014 at 4:47 pm Reply

    I had no idea you could make scrambled eggs in the microwave! It’s impressive how creative you’ve gotten without a stove! I think I would end up resorting to a lot of salads, protein shakes, oatmeal, soups, and frozen meals, but only for the short term.

    Where in the world did you find peanut butter in Paris? I was desperate to find ANY nut butter when we were in Europe, but all I could find was flipping Nutella! It became kind of a running joke throughout our trip. Nutella, Nutella everywhere! What felt like an entire aisle of Nutella at Monoprix!

    • Karen - French Inspiration February 8, 2014 at 7:05 pm Reply

      You can find Skippy now in most supermarkets – including Monoprix. Otherwise, if you want really good nut butters you need to go to an organic food store like La Vie en Claire – that’s where I get my almond butter.
      For lunch today we bought a roasted chicken and heated up green beans in the microwave. Almost felt normal !

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