Spaghetti squash kind of week

Hello everyone, how has your week been ? For me, it has been a spaghetti squash week. I love fall foods, especially squash. I discovered spaghetti squash only a year ago. You can find it only in the fall, and not very easily. Well I bought one last weekend, cooked it at the beginning of the week and have eaten it every day.

For those of you unfamiliar with spaghetti squash, it is oval, and the one I bought was the size of a football.

Cutting it in half is the hardest part of the preparation, you need a big knife and need to use force.  Once cut it in half you scrape out the seeds and filaments.

2014-10-14 19.51.14


I put it skin side up on a baking sheet and baked it about 40 minutes at 350 degrees. I then scraped out the inside with a fork. You have to be careful because the skin of the squash is really hot.

2014-10-14 20.44.03 2014-10-14 20.43.51












It looks like this, with filaments :

Then I just added homemade bolognese sauce :

2014-10-15 12.36.52


… which I ate four times this week. Sometimes I melt a little cheese into it. It is so good. There are a ton of recipes out there.

Other eats this week included fresh spinach with scrambled eggs, french bread with peanut butter :

2014-10-16 06.44.44


And couscous in a new restaurant near my company :

2014-10-16 12.35.58


Otherwise, I am getting ready to travel for work for the next 9 days. Guess where I am going ?

2014-10-16 21.32.47


…and I made sure that the cupboards were stocked and had groceries delivered this evening, and also spent time packing.

2014-10-16 21.33.08 2014-10-16 21.32.25

I have been to both Beijing and China, but it has been probably 8 or 10 years, so I am very excited.


How was your week ? What do you think about spaghetti squash ? Ever tried it ?

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