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Happy Monday ! This is my official fourth day of vacation. I hope the rest of it is just as fun as the past few days were. Here is a quick first look :

Friday : Travel & family

My kids were already at my mother in laws, so we got up Friday morning and headed down to her place, 5 hours away. There was also my favorite SIL and BIL, so we got to catch up. the kids picked apricots.

2014-07-11 17.55.11 2014-07-11 17.35.45


Saturday : Travel & friends

We are staying at a family resort for two weeks, so on Saturday we headed out, as the place was another 3,5 hour drive from my mother in laws. We have friends near Bordeaux, on the way, so we stopped and spent lunch / the afternoon. We have been friends with this couple for over 25 years. We now hove teenagers ! Aie !

IMG_7304 IMG_7320


We got to our place about 7 p.m., checked in and settled in. Small, but suits our needs.

2014-07-13 08.20.44 2014-07-12 20.40.41












Sunday : Exploring

The resort is in the woods, surrounded by a golf course and half a mile from the ocean. There are tons of paths, so I went for a run to explore Sunday morning. No one out on the golf course, nor on the paths for that matter. I am a morning person, many French people are not, especially on vacation.

2014-07-13 08.06.01 2014-07-13 08.23.19












We also went for a two hour walk down to the ocean and explored the activities available for the week.

2014-07-13 09.02.41


So a great start to my vacation, where the major activities are going to be running / exercising (they have several LesMills classes), reading (I hope to read a couple books at least) and rest (going to do a massage our two). No pressure to go go go.


This morning I am on my way to a step class. Happy Bastille Day to the French !


How was your weekend ? What do you like to do on vacation ? Are you active or prefer something low key ?

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