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Welcome to a new series : Real life, real people. It will feature people I know, who have inspired me over the years with their healthy life styles. There are so many amazing people in our world, each with their own history and story. I have asked them all the same questions, around general fitness and food, and how their lifestyle has evolved.

THANK YOU to these fantastic women for being honest, putting themselves out there, and telling their stories. I hope they can inspire you too !

Let me introduce you to Hilary, my sister in law, (here with my brother). When we first met she was always exercising, either out for a run, or on a bike. Their holidays always have something fitness related to them… hiking in Alaska, paddle boarding in Costa Rica…and they are definite foodies. Thanks Hilary for your contribution !


What is your motivation / what inspires you to lead a healthy life ?

I’ve always just wanted to exercise. I guess the motivation is to feel good because if I go without it, I feel lazy and sort of depressed. My husband has suggested that I am addicted to it; perhaps that is accurate.

What is the ONE change that has made the most difference in keeping up with a healthy lifestyle ?

Maybe marriage. I was active before marriage but probably didn’t eat as well. I rarely cooked. But Mark, my husband, loves to cook and it is part of our routine.

What is an obstacle you have overcome in your healthy lifestyle and how ? 

Just two years ago I had surgery on my spine. With three fused vertebrae, high impact activities are not ideal. I was an avid runner and it has been difficult to replace my favorite activity. I would say I’m still struggling with it. I get bored with my workouts and haven’t found anything as satisfying to me. But I try to mix it up and keep it interesting.

When did you start exercising / How long have you exercised ? Why did you start ?

When? Just always. At a very young age, my mother had me enrolled in ballet and tap classes. Once a month, the ballet instructor brought out tumbling mats and that was it for me. I was a gymnast from that moment on.

My mother always exercised so I considered it a normal part of life.

Have your exercise habits changed over the years ?

The biggest change came when I had to stop running as I mentioned above. IF one day I move to Hawaii, you will find me stand up paddling on the water every day :).


How many days a week do you exercise ? What does your typical week of workouts look like ?

I do what I consider a traditional workout Mon-Friday and leave the weekend for more recreational types of activities.

During the week I do a variety of things including cycling, cardio at gym, and weight training. On the weekends I will hike, bike, and stand up paddle board. (and I would add, walking the dog !)

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What is your favorite work out ? / fitness activity ?

I think my favorite will always be running, even though I can’t anymore. But currently, I love stand up paddling. It’s great to be out on the water and it’s something Mark and I do together.

Do you prefer working out with others or by yourself ?

I like cycling and SUPing (Stand Up Paddleboard) with friends; I always ran alone. But I think of SUPing and cycling as more recreational. If I really just want a workout, I want to do it alone.

Are you working on a fitness goal at the moment ? What is it ?

No. That’s one aspect of running that I miss. It was always a goal to run faster. I don’t really feel that same drive on my bike, although I do try to book it up the hills.

Is there a fitness activity that you have not yet tried, but would like to ?

I would like to take a trip that involves a lot of hiking. I’ve read about places where you can go for a week plus and hike from one inn to the next along a mountain range. I know there are places in Switzerland and a friend just told me about one in Nepal. Hiking in Alaska :

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What is a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner ?

  • Breakfast: plain yogurt with fruit and flax seed and COFFEE!
  • Lunch: I work at home so it’s easy to make a salad every day.
  • Dinner: Mark and I cook together. It varies. Tonight we are having mahi-mahi prepared in a thai curry with broccoli and left-over mussels from my dinner last night.

Have your eating habits evolved over time ?

I am more conscientious about what I’m eating. I try not to eat processed foods. For instance, I used to eat cereal which I never do anymore. I prefer to buy farm raised organic meats.

Do you meal prep ? What is one of your favorite, easy go-to recipes ?

Can’t help you with recipes. I’m just the sous chef.


Don’t hesitate to check out her website, she is a professional Metalsmith :

Hilary Hachey– Metalsmith

Many thanks to my sister in law, Hilary, for her contribution. You can also meet Peggy from last week’s Real Life, Real People post.



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  1. Jennifer Oxenford November 24, 2014 at 4:22 am Reply

    Great post on a dear friend! Hilary was always active as long as I’ve known her. Loved reading about her healthy habits and lifestyle now.

    • Karen - French Inspiration November 24, 2014 at 7:42 am Reply

      Thanks for commenting ! Because of her I want to try SUPaddleboarding but have yet had the chance…

  2. Lori November 25, 2014 at 3:49 am Reply

    i love my SUP!!!! It’s great cross training, the only drawback is finding someone to go with. I need to pick up a second board so my daughters can join me, I live on the ocean so not safe to go out alone.

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