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As part of my Real life, Real people series, I’d like to introduce Liz… someone whom I have known since grade school. She inspires me because she is a wonderful role model for her children and is a great example of how permanent changes to eating and healthy living can be made. Thanks to Liz for answering all the questions so honestly and here is peak into her life :


Hi, I’m Liz… a 43 year old mom of two fabulous kids, a fifth grade girl and boy who is a freshman in high school. We are a healthy active family and everyone in the family exercises and eats healthy.

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What is your motivation / what inspires you to lead a healthy life ?

From the minute I delivered my son I felt a huge responsibly to not only take care of the amazing baby I had just delivered, but to model a healthy lifestyle, to help him create healthy life long habits. Our children have always been expected to choose an activity that is moving their bodies. Our son has tried out all sports and now is passionate about soccer. Our daughter is a gymnast and has settled into that sport. My husband was a soccer player as a kid as well as a dedicated karate kid! He takes Thai kick boxing type classes three days a week and works out with free weights at home (P90x).  As a kid I wasn’t into sports, or running or any physical activity. This is something that I have come to value much more as an adult.


I’m motivated to live a healthy and active lifestyle because of my children, my marriage and myself! I am ALWAYS happier if I have exercised in any given day! I am 5’6 and I have always weighed between128 and 132. Right now I am actually a few pounds over that and I’m motivated to get back to my 130! I try to workout four days a week, hopefully five. Depending on my work schedule it can be very tricky. I’m not working full time right now and when I do, work totally gets in the way of my exercising 😉


This morning I ran/walked on the treadmill for three miles and did free weights and sit ups. I’m trying to get back to my 200 sit ups a day.


Have your exercise habits changed over the years ? when you moved ? found a significant other ? had a child ? How many days a week do you exercise ? What does your typical week of workouts look like?

My exercise over the years has varied. I’ve run and participated in many 5k races, I’ve been a member of a gym, I’ve used home workout programs (P90x and T25), in the past year I’ve been back to running/speed walking and free weights at home. These are two websites I like a lot for arm routines:

Last year my husband bought me a Fitbit as a gift. I love it!!! I like to challenge myself and so I set a step goal for each day and I’m completely irritated when I haven’t reached the goal. Some nights I will go up to bed and if I’m shy of my steps I will walk the house until I reach the goal. Wearing the Fitbit keeps me accountable and pushes me to move!

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Your biggest challenge ?

The biggest challenge to exercise is how busy we are. I’m fortunate right now to be working part time and that makes exercise possible. When I am working full time fitting exercise time in can be crazy as I’m often not getting into the house until after 8 from my kid’s activities.

I know I could be working out harder, but my goal is to maintain. I don’t like the feeling if I have put on a pound or two. I LOVE the feeling when I see definition in my arms and abs! I’m not getting any younger and I fear a metabolism change so my plan is to never stop exercising!!


We also try include activities into our weekends that gets the whole family moving together.


Thoughts on food and eating ?

I’m am a little bit of a food nut! I do all of the food shopping and the cooking. I buy 90% organic and our grocery bill is outrageous! I read a lot and try to incorporate little things into our life to make good changes over time.


What is a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner ?

This morning I ate one fried (organic) egg with two additional egg whites, I put that over a bed of spinach, added avocado, a little habanero cheese and a scoop of salsa. I typically have this for breakfast a few days week. If I’m in a hurry I have a Greek yogurt loaded with chia seeds. I also love this as a snack during the day if I don’t have it for breakfast.


Evening meals are chicken and veggie fajitas, loaded veggie and chicken Chinese brown rice,  we will make homemade pizzas with wheat crust, and every week we have seafood. My go to crazy night dish is a frozen Trader Joes chicken dumpling (all natural), most nights we have a salad with whatever else we are eating and if my kids want dessert they eat frozen blueberries or raspberries.


Have your eating habits evolved over time ?

Years ago I used to drink sugar in my coffee, I decided one day to get rid of the sugar, over time. It’s now been years of drinking coffee with just milk. I read Skinny Bitch years ago and made a few more life changes. We’ve watched all of the documentaries about food and education is the best way to decide what to put in your grocery cart!! I read a lot of labels, I try to only buy in season vegetables grown in the US, we try to buy the least processed as possible, but it is difficult with kids that are hungry and active. If I’m buying a granola bar, I find the healthiest one I can, I try to bake things so I know what’s in the treats and I can tweak the recipe to still taste good, but a little healthier.


We stay away from bad fats, GMO, corn syrup or anything else our bodies don’t need. We don’t buy sodas and unhealthy snacks. I tell my kids the ingredients should be as few as possible, we need to be able to pronounce them and know what they all are! We are not vegetarian, but we call ourselves mostatarians. My kids know every meal must have something green and they even make good choices when they are away from home. I fill our house with healthy food so even on days I feel like I have eaten more than I needed to, I am over eating good food!


Do my kids get sweets, Yes! Do I love red wine, Yes! Do I love dark chocolate Yes! We just try to eat as healthy as we can and in moderation.


You can check out Liz’ blog here :


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