Racing tomorrow

I am running a 5 K race tomorrow. My town kicks off the racing season with a 5K and 15K every year early February.


I have only run it once, a few years ago, when it was really cold (for Paris ! ), around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. (I think I wore four layers that day).

CnC2012 001


It’s relatively small,  goes through many of the same paths I take often, and the starting line is 2 minutes from my house. Great reasons to do it.


I have not been able to run it every year because I am often gone beginning of February, either travelling for work, or because my daughter has a sports competition. Well tomorrow, I am not travelling. My daughter has her  competion but it is later in the day,  so in theory I can run the race. In theory. As I waited until the last minute to sign up there are no more bibs.



WHAT ?! I went this morning 30 minutes BEFORE the opening of the inscriptions and they told me no more bibs. SERIOUSLY ?! I thought the guy was joking. He said they were scoffed up so quickly this year. Big disappointment…. Of course it is my fault for not anticipating.





He did however tell me that I could sneak into the crowd if I really wanted to run. He said I am not supposed to but if he sees me crossing the finish line he wouldn’t say anything. Thank you sir. Yes, it’s my own fault, but I think I am going to do the race anyway. He said there were 2 800 people signed up but of course there are always some no shows. So I think I’ll do the race.


I like racing especially for the atmosphere. The pre-race energy, being around like minded people, the people you pass on the road who cheer you on. I don’t race to compete. I do set a goal, but it is my goal, to beat myself, not someone else (me in green in the second photo).

DSC_0452 DSC_0338


So wish me luck tomorrow. Even if I am not “officially” racing, I am going to go to enjoy the people and energy, and am ready to go.


Will post results tomorrow !

What do you like about racing ?



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  1. Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork February 9, 2014 at 7:22 pm Reply

    Hope all went well and that you had warmer weather than last time!

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