Productive weekend, except for the (lack of) exercise

The weekend is slowly winding down…. and boy was it busy ! Even if it was a lot of fun, I unfortunately ate too much, and didn’t get enough exercise. Here is a quick recap :

Friday night was date night with my husband and we planned on eating out. As I knew the weekend would be busy, AND I have a half marathon next Sunday, I absolutely wanted to get a training run in before going out. So I went out Friday night about 6:20, planning on running intervals. Well my legs were leaden. Seriously. They only warmed up after about 5 km ! My mind was preoccupied by work, it was cold out, my shins were bothering me, it was starting to get dark…. in short, the whole thing was just blah. I ended up doing a walk / run for 45 minutes, but it was one of the worst runs I have had in a long time. Pure crap. No photos.

We did have a nice date night with my husband, where I completely and totally indulged, both on champagne and profiteroles for dessert.

2015-03-27 21.56.02


Saturday was a busy day. I had an errand to run in Paris, so I got to the Printemps department store when it first opened. I was only there about 15 minutes but when I left there were already lines of Asian tourists lined up at the Chanel and Louis Vuitton shops. Crazy. The decor is always so pretty though.

2015-03-28 10.17.41


Then I went and had my hair cut and colored. It needed it so badly. Why do haircuts NEVER look the same as when you leave the hairdresser ? I love this and I am 100% positive it will look completely different when I do it.

2015-03-28 13.10.11


Saturday afternoon was spent car shopping. A car is so unimportant to me, but I actually got really excited about this one. We made the salesman really work and he did a great job convincing us. Still thinking though….

2015-03-29 11.38.04


Saturday evening we had friends over for dinner. So great catching up ! I made the dessert I mentioned here… as one of my favorite spring foods with strawberries.

2015-03-28 22.01.44


….that left NO time to exercise.


Sunday… well I thought I could get up early and exercise. It was raining. Well I thought, maybe after lunch. We were invited for lunch and we brought the hostess lovely tulips. Aren’t they pretty ?

2015-03-29 11.17.44

When we got home… it was STILL RAINING. And I was very bloated (sorry for TMI). With eating out Friday, and big meals Saturday and Sunday, I was feeling blah. And feeling blah, in the rain… I knew my running would be crap. So I didn’t go.

So I cooked, meal prepped for the week and called a friend.

All in all a good weekend, despite the lack of exercise !


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