Paris Running Expo 2015

The Paris Marathon is tomorrow. While I am not running it, I did go to the Running Expo that is associated with it. I had not been to a running expo of this size and I had a blast, learned some things, and got some good news.

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I got there really early (the early bird does get the worm !) and immediately saw that Asics had set up  a booth where you could do a dynamic foot ID / audit. You put on special sneakers, run on the treadmill, it is filmed then the computer does analysis on different parameters.

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The guy spent a lot of time with me, and the analysis was actually good :

  • Almost perfect number of steps a minute : 178
  • Very good step length versus height (which apparently measures how efficient you run) : 47,5% (50% is the ideal)
  • My right foot however overpronates much more than I thought. I do have orthodics and did the test without them, so I am hoping these correct this a bit.
  • The sneakers he recommended were those I wore for years, the Nimbus. That means I was correctly advised when I first went to that shoe. Reassuring.

2015-04-11 13.42.51

There were more tests he could have done but there were too many people waiting in line by that time. I still want to say Thank You Asics ! and the English guy who helped me.


I had a great time visiting all the shoe / clothes brands (only Nike was absent ?) as well as those very technical, specialized brands you only see in running magazines. I could have spent a ton of money but was very reasonable. Some new socks and some cliff bars which are difficult to find here.

2015-04-11 09.43.48


The marathon is sponsored by Schneider Electric and they organized a place where you could make a video. This is really silly, but I had fun doing it :


I also watched a live radio show, RMC Sports, where they were interviewing people in the running industry. In this case, there was the Marketing Director of Asics France, sports journalists and analysts, the marathon organizers, with a lot of discussion and debate around the running industry. How it has evolved, has it become a sport for only the wealthy, which consumers do Asics target, the price and cost of marathons… very interesting !

2015-04-11 11.17.06


And finally, there was a big section dedicated to upcoming races. And I discovered that Disneyland Paris is organizing their first Disney race in September 2016 !  This was probably the best news of the day. I can’t wait. I have been jealous of all the Disney races in the US and it is FINALLY coming to France. Check this link for all the information.


Ever been to a really big running expo ? what did you like about it ?

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