Not always possible to fit it all in

I always do most of my exercise the weekends. Firstly, my gym is not open mornings; it opens at 8:30 a.m. Not practical when you have to be at work around the same time. Sometimes I finish late at work – by the time I can get to the gym in the evening its past 8:00 p.m. So depending on my schedule, if there is one day I can go to the gym earlier in the evening, I do. If not I try to get up early once a week to get a workout in at home.

Here are last week’s workouts :


Monday : off

Tuesday : off

Wednesday : 45 minutes on the treadmill, abdominal work, push up varieties, stretching

Thursday : off (2 evening meetings at my daughter’s school)

Friday : 45 minutes water aerobics

Saturday : 60 minutes at the gym : stair climber, weights with lower body focus, abdominals, stretching

Sunday : 50 minutes run / walk (outside)

2014-01-04 09.35.00



Since Sunday this week, just haven’t been able to get a workout in. Between working late one day, travel one day and PTA one day… and the need to see my kids, I just couldn’t find the time.


With a crazy schedule, my meals were not as balanced as I would of liked. However, no big deal ! I have planned my workouts for the next 3 days…

So as much as I plan, anticipate and schedule exercise into my daily life, its just not always possible. that’s OK, tomorrow is another day ! TGIF !


How do you get some exercise in on a busy week ?



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  1. Mom January 18, 2014 at 4:07 pm Reply

    How lucky you have been to discover the importance of and time for exercise. I was 48 before I saw my first treadmill. I remember getting on a stationary bike and pushing myself to do three minutes. Now like you , I try to make some kind of exercise part of everyday. What a great model for your girls .

  2. Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork January 18, 2014 at 9:46 pm Reply

    I fit exercise in my week by making it one of my top priorities. I often schedule other things around it. This may seem a bit crazy, but I know that I am a better, happier person when I work out. Some weeks I don’t get in as much because there are more important things than exercise, such as visiting with my grandmother, who (at 88!) just had surgery to remove breast cancer. Except that I had already planned for that to be on off day, I still could have fit in a quick workout when I got home. I realize this is a bit of a luxury right now because I don’t have kids yet, but I still plan on making it as much of a priority as possible. Good job fitting it in your busy schedule!

  3. Karen - French Inspiration January 18, 2014 at 9:54 pm Reply

    @ mom : you have been a great role model ! Even if you start exercising later in life, it has such a positive health benefit. You look 15 years younger !

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