2016 Paris Marathon minus 9,5 months

In preparation for Paris Marathon 2016 (although yes, I do realize it is almost 10 months away), I am documenting what I am doing each month to anticipate, experiment, buy and learn. If you missed it here is what the first month was like.


This past month was a little calmer and more about information gathering. Some of the key highlights :


1. I experimented with the Jeff Galloway run /walk /run method. He introduces regular walk breaks into the “run” : “walk breaks allow your running muscles to recover before they are injured and conserve your energy so you can exercise for longer periods, which builds the endurance you need. You get the same endurance from the long run if you run slowly as you will if you run fast. However, you’ll recover much faster from a slow long run.”

I tried it several times and it worked for me, allowing me to go long distances / time without pain or fatigue. I am going to continue experimenting.


2. I began running with my new orthodics. I had replaced mine which were 3 years old. The first pair needed constant adjustment. The podiatrist had to adjust them for my knees and hips and it took several months to get them perfectly right.  They were then a life saver. This time around, I have not had to have them adjusted. They feel great. So far so good.


3. Ran 1 race, a 10K where I got a PR. I would have had a second race but was deathly ill one day. Boo.


2015-05-30 18.08.44-2


4. Reached out to the international Program Director at Jeff Galloway about a program in Paris. For the moment there is a program in Italy and Israel but none in Paris. More on this at a later date !


5. Started using my running journal that I got for Mother’s Day. I love it. I find it makes me extremely accountable to myself and it is very inspirational. There is a perfect mix between journaling, ideas, encouragement,  quotes and every week they have you reflect upon a new topic.

2015-05-31 13.02.13

6. Went to quite a few running stores because I needed to replace my sneakers. I switched to Brooks GTS a couple years ago but hadn’t yet looked at the new model in a store. I had looked on line, but I really didn’t like the color. Raspberry ? Pink ? Red ? But I saw them and WOW ! I love the color.



I actually got a half size bigger than I usually do but they fit really well and my orthodics fit perfectly in them. And the  saleswoman said “do you ever have trouble with your toenails ?”…. well, not really BIG trouble but yes, one has been bothering me. They felt and looked great, so I bought them


7. Drooled over equipment, hemming and hawing over what I NEED and what I really WANT


8. Continued to read a lot on the net. Here are a couple posts that I found particularly useful :

Marathon training mistakes from Courtney at Eat Pray Run

Lessons learned post  from Amanda at Run to the Finish

Long run thoughts and tips from Deb at Deb Runs



Any advice you’d give me this far out ?


I will probably be MIA a few days… lots of travel this week.

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  1. Jennifer June 14, 2015 at 4:53 pm Reply

    I am surprised there is not a program in Paris! Looking forward to reading more about your marathon prep
    Jennifer recently posted…Friday Five – Favorite Things at the Moment IVMy Profile

  2. Haley June 15, 2015 at 10:08 pm Reply

    I love my Brooks Adrenalines. I have the Blue and Pink pairs.
    Haley recently posted…Weekend Recap & Last Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

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