I survived the week

Like most people, I find December to be twice as busy as the rest of the year. Here is a glimpse into my week, but also how I managed to keep my sanity, not overeat, and fit in a bit of exercise.


This is what I accomplished :

  • Last Saturday and Sunday we were in Brussels, so that meant no errands, no laundry, no housework.

2014-12-06 14.42.55

  • Monday : out in the evening for our building owner’s yearly meeting. We were voting on installing a new elevator, so there was lots of debate. Three hour meeting !
  • Tuesday : some groceries, housework and laundry
  • Wednesday evening : meeting with financial advisor
  • Thursday : dinner with client
  • Friday night : I am part of the PTA. It was the Christmas market at school, where I work at the refreshment table, then picked up. We then had a small get together (between adults !) to celebrate.

2014-12-12 21.02.12

  • Saturday : finished Christmas shopping, did laundry, cooked and groceries
  • Sunday : I am planning on taking my daughter to a fair for higher education & my mother in law is coming over for lunch.


With a week like this, there are things I did not get done, but would have liked to. I am not beating myself up though, because I also need to spend time with my husband, kids, exercising, or just relaxing. So things I have not yet done…

  • Finished putting the decorations on my tree (hoping to do this today). I did unwrap them and they are all piled on the couch.

2014-12-14 09.42.19

  • Decorate the house (probably won’t do this)
  • Christmas cards. I love cards and do one every year. Well, I have not gotten around to it this year.
  • Planned Christmas dinner, nor even thought about what we are doing on December 31.

My limited Christmas decorations, cards and placemats :

2014-12-14 07.41.00 2014-12-14 07.40.45


Despite all this, eating and exercise actually went pretty well this week.

  • Exercised Wednesday morning at the gym (weights), Saturday at the gym (45 minute treadmill run) and Sunday went to the pool (45 minutes). Exercise is priority for me, so I make sure to build it into my schedule. It might be a bit shorter than usual, but even 30 minutes is better than nothing.
  • Didn’t eat too much junk….a little bit on Thursday (in all day meetings with not so healthy food choices) and Friday at the Christmas fair, but overall, I have avoided most alcohol and holiday chocolates.

This coming week is almost just as crazy. But I am not complaining… five more days until my staycation.


How was your week ? Did you manage to fit in some exercice ?

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