I decided not to race

I signed up for a race for today, but decided not to go. My heart was just not into it. This is the first time I have done this but several reasons weighed in favor of this decision :


1. My foot is still not 100% better. I have been nursing an Achilles tendon injury since November and I still have this twang. I preferred to rest it. I am on vacation soon and want to be able to exercise during that time.

2. It is raining. This may sound like a lame excuse but I absolutely hate to run in the rain. I did it recently  for the Apple Pear Road Race but I did it with someone else, which made it fun. 70% chance of precipitation means its going to rain.

2014-06-29 06.11.29

3. The race is largely through the woods, it will be muddy and I am afraid of slipping and further hurting my foot.

4. I have no energy. I can tell it is the end of the school year but I it seems like I have been right out strait every weekend the past 4 ? 6 ? 8 ? weeks. My energy stores are low and my groove is off.

5. I run races for fun, not to win. I love the atmosphere and camaraderie and I because of all the above reasons, I do not see these conditions and my mindset as fun.I prefer it like this :

DSC_0172 DSC_0338












Despite an initial wave of guilt and thinking you should do this / you’ll feel better if you did / once you put your gear on you’ll be motivated, I am OK with the decision not to run. I will still exercise, something low impact, and look forward to the next race. I have another one on my agenda for mid July.


Have you ever decided not to do a race ? Were you OK with that decision ? How did you feel ?


Have a great Sunday !

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