Healthy relationships

Healthy living is not just about food and fitness. For me, it encompasses all aspects of my life, including relationships, work life balance, social and cultural activities. Today’s topic is building and maintaining healthy relationships because life is too short to be filled with conflict or negative energy.



Here are a few ways that I keep my relationships and the way I interact with other people healthy :

  • Treat every.single.person with respect. This includes all children, co-workers, family and even the telemarketing lady or the person who stole your parking spot. You don’t have to like people but treating them with respect will get you a long way. I believe this is one of the keys of my professional success. Whether it be the CEO, the secretary, my boss, my team or the colleague who wants to steal your spot, respect is the foundation of constructive discussions and problem solving.
  • Don’t judge anyone. Everyone is human, everyone has their own personal story, difficulties and until you have lived in their shoes, don’t judge. Accept people for who they are, no matter their religion, sexual preference or education. Everyone is on a journey.
  • Avoid negative energy. I now avoid anyone who emanates negative vibes. Whether it be a family member, friend, co-worker… negative energy brings me down and life is too short to be surrounded by negativity, criticism, complaining.
  • Listen more. Listen more actively. Look people in the eye, tune in to what they are saying, ask questions. Everybody wants to feel important and needs attention. Its not just about you.
  • Don’t yell. When we raise our voices, people tune out, get defensive and communication barriers go up. If someone yells at you, do not yell back. If this happens with a significant other or child, just say “you do not need to yell. We can talk about it”. They will calm down very quickly.
  • Have a conversation with out technology...face to face or over the phone. Email and texting are killing interpersonal relationships. When I sold my apartment I was working with 2 real estate agencies. When there were visits of our apartment, one always contacted me by text, the other by phone.The relationship with both of those agencies was like night and day. I developed an emotional connection with the one that called me.
  • Eat a meal together, without cell phones, ipads or the tv.


Because life should be about people.

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How do you keep your relationships healthy ?

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