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Happy Friday everyone ! Thanks to Mar, Courtney and Cynthia for the link up to this week’s Friday Five.


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This week the theme is Race Memories. I love racing for the atmosphere, the runner camaraderie and because I find it fun. I have done about 10 races… but the memories are not all good, unfortunately. But that’s ok, good or bad memories, each unique experience is part of who I am as a runner. So here goes…



1. Feeling the energy and part of a running community for my first race, La Parisienne. It is a 6,7 km race, with 25 000 women, in Paris. I was so nervous, not knowing what to expect. When I got on the subway, at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning to go to the race there were already several people dressed in race gear and sneakers. On that subway ride, women runners got on at every single subway stop.

On a Sunday morning, with only women runners on that subway, I felt proud and happy to be part of the running community. I have now done that race every year for the past 5 years.



I’m in green…


2. In the same race I DROPPED my Ipod. I stopped to pick it up and quickly realized why they can be forbidden in races. I was very lucky that no one plowed into me. I haven’t made that mistake twice and check that it is securely in place, if I do run with music.

3. A race where my kids came to cheer me on. They had never been and were so excited and enthusiastic. My kids are great !

2014-07-11 17.55.11


4. A few years ago I ran a race in February, 20 degree weather. It was so cold but the sky was a crisp blue. It is a 5K race in my town that kicks of the season. This past year we had great weather. Love this race !

CnC2012 001

5. My worst memory is for the Paris 20km. I had been running for a while and this was my first longer distance run. My BIL does it every year, so I decided to do it with him. It was awful. The end of October in Paris. 50 degree weather. POURING rain. It rained for the hour wait, it rained for the 2 hour race, and it rained for the 45 minutes it took to clear the race area. My muscles were tight, my knees and joints killed me and I was soaked to the bone. I am very proud of myself for having finished it but boy do I HATE running in the rain. A topic I have written about a couple time : a race this past April, and a race I didn’t do in June.


Thanks Cynthia, Mar and Courtney, I loved this Friday Five topic !

Do you mind running in the rain ? Do you run with music ? What is your best or worse memory ?

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  1. ugh I’ve done a long race in pouring rain too! it sucks. Happy Friday
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