Food, fitness & life – final flight of my BIL

Wow, Tuesday already ! How was your week / weekend ? Last week just flew by…I travelled last Monday and Tuesday, I had Parent Teacher Association meeting Wednesday, and we had a three day weekend, from Saturday to Monday.

The highlight however was Thursday. My Brother in Law is a fighter pilot in the French Air Force and he and his family are moving to Africa. He will no longer be flying so we went to his ” Last Flight Party”. All of his siblings and his mother surprised him. Its a big moment in the life of a pilot… as he will be on a base where they do not have his kind of plane, he will not be able to keep his certification up. And when he comes back to France, it will cost too much to ” re-train ” him… which explains why his last flight is a very big deal in his life as a pilot. We then had a nice BBQ / picnic before our two hour drive back to Paris.

2014-06-05 18.06.19 2014-06-05 17.34.07

2014-06-05 20.44.40


Last week’s eats :

On Monday I brought my lunch and had time to eat it in London before my afternoon meeting :

2014-06-02 12.28.00


2014-06-02 12.42.29

Southwark Cathedral – nice setting for lunch



Other food highlights from the week :

2014-06-03 20.44.11

Cod with green beans and bacon – hubby was motivated to cook !

2014-06-02 19.37.24

Cod with green salad from Monday night’s restaurant

2014-06-04 07.21.06

Veggie loaded omelet with Paleo muffin

2014-06-03 15.56.48

Dinner in the train on the way home Tuesday – spicy couscous

Lunch on our balcony, we have been having great weather :
2014-06-07 12.40.00


With all the activity, I did not have much time to exercise.

  • Saturday : 30 minutes weights + 20 minute stair master +  30 minute run
  • Sunday : 40 minute run / walk in the country side, sporting a new running shirt. Nike Dri fit. Thumbs up.

2014-06-08 17.41.10


I got my run in before this started, pouring rain & hail storm :

2014-06-08 18.51.39


Is your June very busy ? Any good eats lately ? When you have a busy week, how do you fit in exercise ?

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