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The importance and respect of family is one of the things I find so great in France. My family is all in the US, but my husband has 3 siblings, 10 nieces and nephews, some aunts and uncles and I feel lucky that everyone gets along. Not everyone lives in and around Paris, unfortunately, but we try to see each other relatively frequently. I have been part of this big family since I came to France 20 years ago and still love spending time with them.

After a busy morning with blogging, exercise and several house projects, my husband, daughter and I spent the afternoon with my husband’s aunt.


 2014-02-16 15.41.55


She lives in another country and is in Paris for a few days. As we still do not have an oven / stovetop (kitchen still under construction), we decided to go out to lunch with her. We went to an Italian restaurant on Ile de la Jatte, one of the islands on the Eastern side of Paris, in the Seine.


2014-02-16 15.58.02


Amuse bouche with our Prosecco, beef & polenta, Italian coffee. Forgot to take a picture of my gelato.


2014-02-16 13.36.56

2014-02-16 14.05.17

2014-02-16 15.11.33

My husband’s aunt is almost 80 years old and walks faster than I do. She is full of life, continues to travel all over the world & has wonderful stories.

2014-02-16 15.08.55


Afterwards we walked for over an hour, along the Seine. It was sunny, warm, lots of people taking advantage of the nice weather.

2014-02-16 15.45.33 2014-02-16 15.44.37

high Seine on ile de la Jatte

high Seine on ile de la Jatte










The Seine is really high – usually we can walk along a path, but in this picture you can see how high the water is – that is the top of a trash can.






How I love Paris in the spring (“spring like” because it is technically still winter) !

2014-02-16 15.15.22
A great day with family & food. How was your Sunday ? How is the weather in your neck of the woods ?



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  1. Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork February 18, 2014 at 12:35 am Reply

    Paris in the spring is the best! Sounds like a lovely way to spend a day. Can’t wait to return to Paris in spring (instead of the summer like last time)!

    • Karen - French Inspiration February 18, 2014 at 11:02 pm Reply

      I’ve been here 20 years and still don’t grow tired of it. May / June are great months.

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