Fall races to enjoy in France

In anticipation of the Paris Marathon 2016 , I have been anticipating my training plan which starts beginning of October. I have been scouring fall races to see which ones coincide best with the mileage in the plan. I have quite a bit to choose from, but need to decide quickly because not only do some races sell out but I am thinking about a destination race.


So if you are ever in France in the fall, here are some of the very popular or iconic races in and around Paris. Each have literally thousands of participants and most sell out very quickly :

La Parisienne : 6,7 km, 100% women race on September 13

Odyssea : 10K to raise money to fight breast cancer, on October 4. You get a pink shirt that most of the runners wear, so it is a major wave of pink running through the streets on the Eastern side of the city.

Paris Versailles : 16K going from Paris to Versailles, on September 27. Apparently some tough hills in this one.

Paris 20K on October 11, in and around the Eiffel Tower / Western Paris / Boulogne Forest. One of the most iconic Parisian races.

Boulogne Half Marathon on November 17 (Western Paris in and around Boulogne). One of the bigger half marathons that close out the racing season.

Christmas race at Issy les Moulineaux : December (date TBC) 10K where most people are dressed like santa. A have fun race !


Of these races I do La Parisienne every year for fun with colleagues and I have done the Paris 20K (in wind, pouring rain and 50 degree weather). I am already signed up for Paris Versailles 2015.

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But of course there are many other races in the fall. Here are ones I am currently considering, which coincide with my long runs:


Oct. 11 : Reims 10K or Half Marathon, (a race in the champagne region ?! I love this part of France but the weather can be very iffy in the fall).

Oct. 25 : Have marathon of the Vincennes forest, or Chatou Impressionists 16k

Nov. 8 : Fontenay le Fleury 20K, or Nice Cannes Half marathon (the Mediterranean in November ? hmmm…I would really like to talk my husband into a destination race… I have never been to Nice / Cannes !)

Nov 22 : Route of the 4 Castles 16,6 km in and around 4 castles (duh) that I have heard great things about.


Here are 2 websites that list a large part of races in France : Jogging calendar and Calendrier du sportif.



What is on your calendar this fall ?


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  1. wow the Paris 20k sounds amazing! Now I just need to get to Paris 🙂
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Moms Lunch This Town TooMy Profile

    • Karen - French Inspiration July 18, 2015 at 4:52 pm Reply

      Something to plan for ! How about Paris marathon in a year or two ?

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