Divide and conquer

Wow, the weekend is here already, …  I have a very very busy weekend planned. But, I am a planner and I don’t have any issues delegating. This weekend for some reason is much busier than the usual. So…I make my list, divide up the tasks, and get to it.

First things first : a decent breakfast. I got up (too) early to make pancakes. Pumpkin pancakes. My go to breakfast of the moment.

2014-01-18 06.35.30


Thought about my to do list and planned for the day. In France, most of the stores on closed on Sundays which means I need to get pretty much everything done on Saturday.

I made my to do list last night: make or change several appointments,  make many many phone calls to organize an upcoming weekend, run errands (post office, take curtains back, go pick out tile for the kitchen floor, pick up a couple articles of clothing for upcoming weekend), two birthday celebrations, go to the market, go grocery shopping and find some time to fit in a decent meal and exercise !

2014-01-17 23.49.55


There are lots and lots things on my to do list ! Usually its not that big, but the upcoming weekend and birthdays add an extra layer of things to get done.


I don’t hesitate to ask for help from my husband or children. I am a working mom and in our house everyone pitches in. My husband does most of the shopping, the girls will do some house things (picking up, laundry), and I will do most of the errands. Everyone is expected to help and they do so without (too much) complaining.



A few photos from the day :hair cuts, picking out tile, buying movie tickets, groceries…

2014-01-18 16.40.542014-01-18 10.53.25


2014-01-18 10.04.08


2014-01-18 12.14.15


I survived ! How was your Saturday ?



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  1. Tammi January 19, 2014 at 9:59 pm Reply

    My Saturday was one of the best…I too being a working mom have many errands to run during the weekend, luckily stores are open on Sunday in the US. Then on top of all the errands trying to fit in at least 5 hockey games during the weekend, makes for a busy and not relaxing weekend. This weekend however, I decided to take some time for myself and my best friend of 44 years (to celebrate my birthday) to enjoy a 60 min facial at the spa and a nice lunch (at the same spot as our facial). It was a great escape for about 6 hours!We were able to enjoy other things at the spa as well before and after our facials…steam room, reading, light snacks and then a delicious lunch. It was a perfect de-stressful day and it did not matter that I had a list a mile long…you know just sometimes you need to do things for yourself and not feel guilty about it.

    • Karen - French Inspiration January 19, 2014 at 10:28 pm Reply

      Hi Tammi, glad you had such a great weekend. So important to take time for ourselves and spend time with friends. I think its very important to take time for ourselves – makes us better people when we are with others ! Have a wonderful birthday.

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