Christmas vacation – week 2

Happy New Year ! I am just finishing my second week of vacation. My first week was busy and fun, and the second week was just as busy !



  • Sunday : short walk. It was 20 degrees out and windy
  • Monday : 10,5 km run / walk. Very cold ! but no wind
  • Tuesday : weights & ab work at the gym
  • Wednesday : 35 minutes of swimming laps
  • Thursday : 45 minutes of Gillian Michaels DVD
  • Friday : much needed rest day
  • Saturday : 90 minutes cardio at the gym + weights for upper body + stretching
  • Sunday : 10 km walk / run. It was sunny, so I took advantage of the weather.

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2015-01-04 11.10.43

Sunday run


Food :

I didn’t take too many pictures this week. We had friends over for an “appetizer dinner” on Friday, and I will be doing a post about it. The only other thing I would say is that I probably had too much wine and or sweets because I was feeling a bit blah the day after.

2015-01-02 20.25.44



In the beginning of the week we went to our country home for 2 days. I read, slept, played Just Dance and the Wii with the kids, and sat in front of the fire. Photo courtesy of my husband, who also makes a mean fire !


We spent the 31st with friends.

2014-12-31 21.10.54 2014-12-31 20.06.46


On the way home, there was a road block and there was a breathalyzer test for everyone. Two o’clock in the morning, 20 degrees, 40 cars in a row… the police had their work cut out for them. This has happened to me twice. I am always happy that we plan ahead and determine who the designated driver will be ! The limit in France is 0,5g / l. I believe in the US it is 0,8 g/l, or does it depend upon the state ?  In France, that is two glasses.


I went to the movies several times, and most recently saw a great French movie, La Famille Belier. It is about a family of farmers in Normandy, where the mother, father and son are deaf, and the daughter is not.  The family dynamic is wonderful, its funny and it revolves around the teenager girl who is growing up. Because she is not deaf, she does a lot for the family and the farm (manages clients, makes calls..), and also has a wonderful voice and extraordinary talent for singing.

She then gets the opportunity to go to Paris to voice school. The possibility that she might leave changes the whole dynamic. Yes, I cried. And I don’t usually cry at movies. (photo from UCG website). I heard the song in the car this morning and it gave me goosebumps = great movie.



Overall it was a great week. I probably didn’t rest as much as I should have because I have been sleeping until 8:30 every morning which is VERY LATE for me !


Back to work tomorrow. I will be travelling this week, out of the country, but will be back soon.


Were you on vacation this week ? Do anything fun ?

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