Birthday weekend

I had a wonderful weekend. It was my daughter’s birthday and my birthday, which explains why things were a bit more hectic than usual.

My daughter celebrated her birthday with friends, a movie and a sleepover. It reminded me of all the sleepovers I had in junior high and high school. I love seeing her grow up to be a young lady, full of life !

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For my birthday the four of us went out to lunch. I got a new Ipod – mine was a second hand that I’d gotten from my daughter a few years back. So excited ! My kids gave me an arm band so I can use it when exercising. Can’t wait to use it. It’s already full of music.

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Afterwards I had a nice walk around my city with my husband. The sun was shining and it was in the fifties. I love it that the days are getting longer and we are moving towards spring, slowly but surely. Thus, as soon as its nice out, I take advantage of the weather.



In the evening we watched the movie Mama Mia – my daughters and I sing all the songs. We’ve probably seen it 10 times. Love it !

 A wonderful day with my family !


Do you like the movie Mama Mia ?  Which song is your favorite ?

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