Another weekend gone by

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Mine was busy and productive. I ate well, slept well, got to exercise, had a date with my husband and did a lot of things around the house. Here’s a quick recap :


Fitness : We had nice weather and I wanted to be outside.

  • Saturday : boy, was I motivated ! I ran 8K then went to the gym and lifted some weights. Running behind Parisian firemen is motivating.
  • Sunday : 30 minute Jillian Michaels DVD + one hour power walk

2014-04-12 08.58.002014-04-12 08.12.42



Food : my husband did most of the cooking

We had lamb with potatoes and broccoli, monkfish with broccoli and veggies, cheese.

2014-04-12 12.08.152014-04-13 13.38.06
2014-04-12 13.07.462014-04-12 13.22.49


Date night : my husband is part of a scuba diving club and Saturday was their annual get together. We first went bowling. We like to bowl, but do not do it often and are not that good.  A guy we were playing with broke 200 ! Impressive.

We then went out to dinner at a Guingette, an “Open air Dance Hall”, along the Marne River in the Paris suburb. It was a really fun experience and I will write a full post on it.

2014-04-12 18.23.23

2014-04-12 19.59.18



2014-04-12 20.09.25

2014-04-12 20.13.572014-04-12 21.28.29


Van Gogh painted a picture back in 1886 titled  “Guingette”.



I got a lot done. Got my quilt up !


2014-04-14 20.43.56

And also went to Ikea because I wanted to replace the cushion on our chair. I found exactly what I wanted. I don’t go often because I go for one thing and come out with 10 additional items ! To go with my new white plates, I also bought bowls and mugs. I love the color. I also got some baskets and miscellaneous kitchen things.

2014-04-14 06.27.44



We also watched Pitch Perfect (again !) and Frozen. How was your weekend ? anything planned for the upcoming week ? I am on vacation as of next Friday, can’t wait ! Have a great week everyone !


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  1. Britt@MyOwnBalance April 14, 2014 at 11:14 pm Reply

    I am terrible at bowling but it is a lot of fun! Sometimes I just don’t mind being bad! Looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork April 26, 2014 at 9:08 pm Reply

    You were motivated! Holy workouts! Yes, being behind fireman would be quite motivating for me! 😉
    Yay for getting the quilt up! Must feel good.

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