Again ! ? I need new sneakers…

Over the past 2 weeks I felt my heel rub a bit in my shoe. I have recently changed my orthodics and I thought that the new ones were angling my foot differently and my foot was just rubbing my shoe in a new way.

When I got home from my morning run I  looked in my shoe and saw this :

2015-05-14 17.27.28 2015-05-14 17.27.33


GRRRR. That is a hole on the inside heel. I bought these sneakers the first week in January 2015, and they probably have about 250 km on them. Not happy.


Especially since the same.exact.thing happened with my new Asics from last summer. I bought them in June and within 3 months the inside heel was ripped. This was not the first time this happened. I had been faithful to Asics Nimbus for a long time but when they lasted 3 months, I switched.

2015-05-14 17.28.46


This makes me seriously mad. I don’t know if it is the material of my socks ? The angle of my foot ? The quality of the brand and model ?

2015-05-14 17.29.00

I went to a new running shop and tried on 6 different pairs, all from different brands. I even tried the new Nimbus 17 (didn’t like the feel at all even though the reviews say less stitching and tighter heel). Nothing felt right.

2015-05-14 12.34.09


I then spent an hour on the internet looking for Brooks GTS…. which is a lot less expensive than the Nimbus. They have these really crazy colors for the new 15 : raspberry or black. Neither particularly excites me but I think I will go with the black. I also checked out other models and Saucony, but nothing jumped out at me.



Any ideas ? Is it the shoe ? Is it the sock ? I don’t want to conclude (yet) that it is my heel bone rubbing because with Asics the rubbing was often on the side. I started tying my shoes tighter recently because my heel was slipping but that would not have been the issue with the Asics where I was tying them normally.



Has this ever happened to you ? If you have any suggestions or thoughts, please share before I spend another 100 dollars on a new pair of sneakers. What is your favorite sneaker brand / model ? do you change or always stay with the same one ?

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  1. I’ve never had the inside rip like that before. I might try a diff sock too since it’s happened more than once. Are you wearing too small a size?
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    • Karen - French Inspiration May 16, 2015 at 8:58 pm Reply

      At first I thought it was because they were too big, the heel wasn’t snug enough and so it was rubbing. I don’t think they are too small but I am thinking it might be the material of my socks… very rough.

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