21 day sugar detox – week 2

I am starting day 15 of the 21 day sugar detox (#21dsd). Here is the recap from week 1 if you missed it. Week two was definitely not as successful as week 1, unfortunately. I went away for four days and I was not the one doing the cooking. My mother in law made this great chocolate cake that I resisted for several meals, but finally gave in…


What I’ve generally been eating :

  • For breakfast, my typical go to recipe, protein pancackes. This week I switched to coconut flour pancakes instead of almond flour. If you haven’t tried them, you need to get used to the texture, but they are very yummy. I often have only one because they are so filling.
  • Lunch  or dinner is always protein and a veggie : fish, chicken or steak. I roasted peppers, made homemade soup, cooked broccoli and Brussel sprouts so I had a good choice of veggies all week. I added in rice or quinoa a couple times.
  • “Dessert’ this week was often a cup of ice cream. Not detox friendly, but I struggled starting on day 9/10.
  • Snacks : almonds and granny smith apple


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… all of this is part of the “yes foods list” except the evening ice cream


Foods from the no list I have eaten : chocolate cake, chocolate, a few cookies and ice-cream. Needed a sweet treat every evening. Not because I was hungry but out of habit.


What I have not had to eat or drink, that I usually do : no glass of wine with lunch or dinner on the weekend, no croissants at work, no bread at the table.


How I’ve been feeling

  • Even tempered, no mood swings
  • Positive : lot’s of energy
  • Motivated : my body feels great
  • Rested : sleep is very sound
  • Bloat went away but not completely – I think it was probably linked to all those Brussel sprouts
  • But….was tempted by sugar – only out of habit. One day I had not eaten enough and after dinner was tempted by sweets


Exercise : I have exercised four times over the past week, and have not seen any changes (more or less energy / harder or easier).

  • Saturday : 10K run/walk – 1’20”
  • Monday : 60 minutes at the gym : 30 minute on treadmill and 30 minutes weights
  • Thursday : 25 minute Jillian Michaels tape at home
  • Friday : 45 minute aqua gym class




Recipes I have tried from the 21DSD Cookbook.

  • None. Being away, I didn’t have time to experiment with anything new.


Advice : don’t let yourself get hungry. This was my downfall this week, and once you take that first bite of sugar and all those endorphins kick in, the second bite is difficult to resist. Even if I know how it makes me feel (yucky). However, no need to beat yourself up. Just hang in there.



Outlook going into week 3 : temptation lies ahead…it’s my husband’s birthday, I have planned a party, and we are expecting a big crowd so I am sure I will have a glass of champagne.

Even though this past week was off, I am going to stick through until the end.


As compared to the first time around : I realized that the hardest days were 9 and 10. As I eat clean most of the time I never had any major detox symptoms, but I find poor eating habits the hardest to fight … that one piece of chocolate after dinner gets me.


If you want more information on the detox, check out Balanced bites.


How was your second week of the detox ? What did you find most easy and most difficult ?



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  1. Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork March 9, 2014 at 3:43 pm Reply

    I also find the hardest part of sticking to healthy eating to be family gatherings. Food is to be enjoyed and is for celebration, so I do feel that it’s important to partake. I try to watch my serving size and to be sure to make the rest of my meal as healthy as possible. The worst part is having leftovers of goodies. I usually bring them to work to share with patients and colleagues, or just throw them in the trash. It sounds awful to waste food, but I remind myself that it ends up going to same place even if I eat it–it’s just that my body gets to process it first.

    Happy birthday to your husband!

    • Karen - French Inspiration March 9, 2014 at 3:51 pm Reply

      Had a great party and lots of good, healthy food – some champagne and dessert but overall some very healthy choices ! Had leftovers today, pics to follow in new post !

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