2015 Goals : April update

I thought the beginning of April, three months into the year, was good timing to take a look at where I am with my 2015 Goals.

How do I feel I am doing on the goals I set for the year  ?


Goal 1 : 2015 Fitness : continue exercising 4 days a week.

I feel pretty good about this one. Despite lots of travel, I have managed to maintain a schedule of 3 to 4 days a week. Usually the gym on Wednesday mornings, then something Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It depends on my mood, where I am and the weather but between walking, running, the pool, weights or yoga, I am proud that I have done so much. I got lots of exercise in while on vacation in Florida.


Goal 2 : 2015 Food : Keep reducing my sugar intake and consumption of processed foods

There have been ups and downs on this one.  While travelling and renting a house it is actually quite easy, but too many hotels makes things a bit more difficult. I overload on veggies when I get back home. Else a quick go to meal that works for me when travelling is Chobani + a kind bar. While I find it hard to TOTALLY cut out chocolate, reducing my wheat consumption has gone a long way in making me feel better (as well as my digestive track !).


Goal 3 : 2015 Family : Continue to spend more time with my girls.

As much as I would like to, they are now teenagers and have very very busy schedules. Even if we spent a lot of time together on vacation, and we usually eat dinner together almost every evening, I need to make more time to do this. They grow up too fast so it is important to put time aside to connect.



Goal 4 : Give my blog a face lift.

While I have not DONE this yet, I did take steps to do it. I have found someone who can help me, so hopefully by the end of June my blog will have a new look and feel.


Goal 5. House projects. This is a complete fail.

  • Redo / paint our bathroom,
  • Redo the kid’s bathroom,
  • Tile our balcony,
  • Replace the girl’s beds / desks.
  • Replace light fixtures at our summer home


I took one small step towards this : I placed an ad to sell my girls beds, and I wanted to use that money to buy something else for their rooms. So far, no hits. Otherwise, I haven’t done anything else. We had to take care of a big problem at our summer home, a very large branch fell on the electrical wires. We had to have it urgently repaired.

6. Run 4 races. (Which will be double what I ran last year)

I have signed up for one, La Foulee Imperiale de Fontainebleau which is my first half marathon. Today !  I With one race per quarter, I am sure I will achieve this goal. I am already on the lookout for something in May, just waiting to see how my knees make it through today.


What were your goals for 2015 ? How are you doing on them ?


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